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Regular Story
This is pretty much going to be the size of my requests, except probably with more effort. If you want the best out of this I recommend giving me a trigger for the TF ahead of time so I don't have deal with making stuff up from the top of my head. Think of this option as a 'fast pass' for requests.
Short Story
These are pretty much the length of a story you would probably see in my Triple Requests stories and early requests, except probably a little longer. This is for people who just want to read the TF and not have to deal with story.

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The Con Artist: Delphox TF/TG/MC
Commission for :icondeathbustereudial103:
WARNING: This is a sequel to this persons previous commission, I recommend you check that one out before this one: Deep Cover: Nidoqueen TF/TG/MC
"Ugh, where is that idiot Jake" Amanda said pacing around her room. Her brother Jake was a cop, and just a few days ago he told her that he had a really important case he had to solve with his partner, a Hypno, and just left. He hasn't come back since. Amanda talked to the police department about it, but they said that everything was just fine. "Ugh, he's been gone for 4 days and all they think that he's fine, something has obviously happened to him, and if they won't go find him, I will" Amanda said, grabbing her stuff. 
Amanda wondered around the streets hoping to find a place she could start looking for her brother at. She decided to start at museum where he
:iconpokesonicfanthomas:pokesonicfanthomas 7 1
Mysterious Sweets: Fat Majin Buu TF
Commission for :iconMorganLing:
"Ugh, I'm SO hungry" I said, walking down the street. 
My stomach would not stop growling, and I needed to get to food fast. I had only eaten just a few hours ago, but my stomach was roaring. You know you're getting hungry when the sidewalk starts to look yummy. I looked around the semi-crowed streets trying to find a good place to satisfy my hunger. I soon found myself looking at a candy shop. I don't remember ever seeing this place around, but then again, it's not like I pay attention to what buildings are where.
I walked inside and was immediately hit the scent of candy, making my stomach growl even more. I needed to pick something that could last me until I at least got home, then I could snack there. I then came across a container of pink bubble gum in the back. Bubble Gum definitely would definitely not satisfy my hunger, but maybe it could at least distract me until I got home. I took piece out of the container and left. 
Right when I wa
:iconpokesonicfanthomas:pokesonicfanthomas 6 5
The New Queen: Salazzle TF/TG/MC
Commission for :icongoldsnakes:
"Damnit, I didn't lose any of it" I said, looking at the scale.
I was chubby, that's all I really need to say. I've been trying to lose some weight for awhile now, but it doesn't seem to work. It doesn't help that Alola region is perfect for beach bodies. When the professor of the region has a tan and six-pack, you know you're doing something wrong. I've been trying to work losing this weight I have, but it just doesn't want to disappear. I sighed as I sat back down on my bed, excepting my fate. If only there was a way for me to magically lose all this weight, then I would be happy. Then it struck me, quite literally. A book had fallen out of my bookcase and onto my foot. I picked it up and read the title. Legends of Alola. I began to read through it, out of curiosity. It was mostly filled with legends about the legendary Pokemon of Alola, Solgaleo and Lunala, but I found an interesting section on the Tapu's. It was said that the Tapu's could gran
:iconpokesonicfanthomas:pokesonicfanthomas 29 2
Deep Cover: Nidoqueen TF/TG/MC
Commission for :icondeathbustereudial103:
"What kind of Pokemon do you think stole the Jewel" I asked, looking at the broken glass that once belonged to a, now empty, jewel case.
"I don't know, it had to be strong enough to break the glass, but small enough to escape unseen" My partner, a Hypno, said. "That doesn't exactly narrow it down enough" I said, sighing. I was a cop, and I considered myself okay at the job, so I was naturally surprised when I was assigned to investigate a jewel theft, since it felt a little out of my league. My partner was a Hypno. Yes, Hypno as in the Pokemon. It talked to me through telepathy. Hypno also claimed he was a master hypnotist, but he hadn't shown me enough proof for me to believe.
"Well, do you have any idea of a place we could look for it" I asked. "If you had just stolen a jewel, what would you do with it" Hypno asked. "I'd probably sell it" I said, trying figure out what Hypno was going for. "But where would you sell it" Hypno replied. "At a bl
:iconpokesonicfanthomas:pokesonicfanthomas 18 9
New Job: Beerus TF
"C'mon dude hurry up" My friend Colin said, bolting ahead ahead of me. 
Definitely not how I wanted to be spending my weekend. I was with my friend Colin, walking around a shopping center while we waited for our friends so we could meet up and see a movie. "Jeez man, could you go slower, it's not like we're on a time limit" I said, panting. "You just need to work out more" Colin said. "Says the chubby guy" I replied. Colin glared at me and I laughed a little. "You know, I only agreed to this so I could watch a movie with some friends, not so I could run around a shopping center for an hour just to find them" I said, agitated. "It's not my fault they were bad at the communication" Colin said. "Well you could've at least said a more specific place than just the shopping center" I said. "Whatever, lets check Barnes and Noble one last time" Colin said. "Colin, we've checked there like five times, I doubt they would be there" I said. "Well, I'm checking anyway" Colin said, walking off.
:iconpokesonicfanthomas:pokesonicfanthomas 14 12
Relieving Stress: Korosensei TF
I walked along the empty streets of my town, feeling the cold air hit my face as I walked along. It was early February and freezing cold, so I wasn't that surprised that there weren't many people outside. It didn't help that the street I walked down didn't get many visitor other than the occasional car. I was only walking down this street so I could visit one of my favorite stores, Lost Ark Video Games. Lost Ark wasn't a chain store, it was local and I guess that made me feel a little special for living in this town. It didn't take long before I reached Lost Ark. It looked pretty small on the outside, but somehow they managed to fit an entire story, plus a small arcade in there. I looked at the door, and walked inside.
"Oh hey Thomas, hows it going" The Cashier said as I walked in. I was a regular at this store so most of the employees recognized me. "Not much, just browsing" I said, taking a look at the rows of games and merchandise they had. I looked up at the games they had, trying
:iconpokesonicfanthomas:pokesonicfanthomas 8 3
No Trespassing: Silver (HGSS) TF/TG
Commission (very late I'm sorry) for :iconIchiroRoseSasaki:
"Why do my friends do this to me" I said looking at the house in front of me.
I was currently standing in front of one of our town's many Haunted Houses. I had lost a bet to my friends and they made me visit this haunted house. Over the past couple of month multiple people have been disappearing at various haunted houses. This was the only one that hadn't had any incident involved with it, mostly because people were smart and decided to not risk disappearing. Of course my friends, being the dumb teenagers they were, sent me to visit this place because I lost a bet. Now I probably would've just declined this, but as the unwritten rule of being a teenager says, you must never decline something from a bet or else you will face constant ridicule, and as a 16 year girl, I cannot risk my reputation, even if it means my possible death.
I walked up to the door of the house and opened the door. I stepped inside and looked around. Every
:iconpokesonicfanthomas:pokesonicfanthomas 9 4
Blind Fury: Feraligatr TF/MC
Transformation Tales: Reset and Rebirth
Chapter 5: Blind Fury
I watched in terror as Alex fell to the floor, the sword flying out, and landing on the floor.
“I guess when others fail, just do it yourself” Lyric said. I collapsed to the floor by Alex. “Alex, please no” I said, tears forming in my eyes. Alex tried to speak to me, but he was too weak. Alex reached his hand out to me when he pulled it back, noticing something. I took a look at Alex’s hand and noticed that blue scales were growing on his hand. Alex’s fingernails started to grow longer, and became more like claws. The scales continued to grow up Alex’s arm, with weird strips appearing on them. The changes continued as the scales travelled under Alex’s shirt, covering his chest. This was causing Alex discomfort and he tore off his shirt, reveling his scaly chest to everyone. The scales continued down the Alex’s legs, where his legs shorter and more thick, cau
:iconpokesonicfanthomas:pokesonicfanthomas 4 15
The Return: Zero TF/MC
Transformation Tales: Reset and Rebirth
Chapter 4: The Return
The pod crashed into the surface below, the 5 of us being thrashed around inside. When we were safely on the ground, I leaned up and looked around. “Everyone okay” I asked. I heard moaning from everyone. “Good Enough” I said. I opened the door to the pod and looked around. I noticed that we were in the city from before.
“We’re back here huh” Alex said, stretching. “Looks like it” Gabe replied. I looked over at the castle, still looming in the distance. “Think we should head back over there” I said, pointing at the castle. “I think we should, it’s our only place of interest now” Brodie said. “Yeah, let’s get going” Alex said, walking ahead.
We continued walking through the streets of the desolate town, trying to avoid another attack, we had already lost 2 people and I was going to make sure we weren’t goin
:iconpokesonicfanthomas:pokesonicfanthomas 3 7
A Familiar Face: Charizard TF/MC
Transformation Tales: Reset and Rebirth
Chapter 3: A Familiar Face
“T-Thomas, d-don’t blame yourself”
I watched as my friend Isiah, who had just been transformed into a Decidueye, disappeared from my arms. I fell to the ground and let out a cry. Not a cry of pain, but a cry of sadness.
Once again, I had failed to save the people I care about.
Zack and Alex walked over to me. Alex kneeled and put his hand on my shoulder. “Thomas, it’s okay, this wasn’t your fault” Alex said. “Yes it was, I could’ve stopped that guy” I said. “Thomas, we all saw that force field that appeared around him, none of us could’ve stopped him” Alex said. I stood up and looked at Alex and Zack. “But I could’ve-“Before I could finish my sentence, Zack slapped me across the face.
 “Thomas, this isn’t the time to mope, right now we need to save the universe, I’m sure we can find a way
:iconpokesonicfanthomas:pokesonicfanthomas 4 5
Ripple Effect: Decidueye TF/MC
Transformation Tales: Reset and Rebirth
Chapter 2: Ripple Effect
“We came here to kill you”
There I was, trapped in some sort of invisible field, unable to move. I was mostly unfazed by it, I had been through crazier before, but like a lot of other things today, something felt off. Especially about that Incineroar. I tried to move once more, but to no avail. “It’s no use, I have your trapped inside my psychic field” The Cloaked Man said. “Wow, a psychic, I’ve actually never seen that before” I said, trying to stay calm.
The Incineroar walked over to me. “Say anything stupid and I’ll make sure your death is slow and painful” It said, in gruff voice. “Wow, have you ever heard of a breath mint, because I think you desperately need one” I said. The Incineroar went to attack me, but the cloaked man stopped him. “Not now, we’ll have to wait until master says we can” The cloaked man s
:iconpokesonicfanthomas:pokesonicfanthomas 1 0
The New World: Incineroar TF
                                                                 Transformation Tales Reset and Rebirth
                                                                                           Chapter One: The New World
Earth, August 2016
Right there, was the leader of the Dark Matter Army. Zero-Two. I was charging at him fr
:iconpokesonicfanthomas:pokesonicfanthomas 10 8
A Bizarre Vacation: Echoes Act 3 TF/MC
WARNING: This story contains some mild JJBA Diamond is Unbreakable spoilers, it is recommended that you have seen up to at least the Bites the Dust arc to enjoy this story fully. 
"Mori, Mori, Mori, Morioh-cho Radioooo"
The catchy radio jingle began to play as our bus pulled into a gas station. I got out of my chair and stretched. Being trapped on a bus overnight does not treat your back well. "Make sure you are back on this bus in two hours sharp" The tour guide said in English, before repeating it in several other languages. I stepped off the bus and took in a breath of fresh air. Oh, I'm getting ahead of myself, you're probably wondering what I'm doing here.
Well, for the past couple of years I have saving up money to go on a vacation to Japan. I wasn't doing it for anime or anything like that, I was doing it because some of the things in Japan actually interested me. Like my friend once told me "Being cooped up on an island for millions of years with out muc
:iconpokesonicfanthomas:pokesonicfanthomas 3 27
A New Leader: Guzma TF/TG/AP/MC
Request (kind of, I'm not sure) for :iconDarknessShadow199:
"Geez, can this place get anymore gloomy"
Alexis was currently roaming around the rainy town known as Po Town. Po Town is a small town on Ula'Ula island in the Alola region. It would be just a simple town if it wasn't for the fact that Team Skull had taken the town over and made it their base of operations. Now why was Alexis in Po Town? Well, some kid got their Yungoos stolen by a Team Skull Grunt, and Alexis decided to help the kid and go to Po Town to find the Yungoos. Normally it would be dangerous for someone to go diving straight into a dangerous place like this, but Alexis had fought Team Skull a couple of times before and found them mostly weak (except for their Admin, Plumeria, and that Gladion kid), so this would be a piece of cake.
Walking through the barren streets of the town, Alexis was a little surprised on how empty the streets were. It would make sense for them to be mostly empty, but Alexis expected to see at
:iconpokesonicfanthomas:pokesonicfanthomas 18 12
A New Soap: Primarina TF/TG
Commission for :iconCheeyev:
"Ugh, I'm so bored"
As you could see, I was having one of those days. You know, those kind of days where you have absolutely nothing to do. I could go outside and do some exercising, or just walk, but I'm a pretty lazy person and don't leave my room unless it's for school or food. I mostly just spend my time on my computer, just visiting various websites. I spend so much time on my computer that I no longer have much to do on it anymore.
I was laying around my room when I heard a knock on my door. "Hello?" It was my mom. "What is it" I yelled back. "You haven't taken a bath in almost a week so do that now" She said. "Fine" I said. I slowly got out of the chair I was in and made my way over to the bathroom. At least taking a bath beats doing nothing.
I walked into the bathroom, turned on the water, took off my clothes, and got in the water. I had the water at the perfect temperature, so I was probably going to end up relaxing in there for awhile. I looked ar
:iconpokesonicfanthomas:pokesonicfanthomas 40 10
Transformation Tales The Complete Series by pokesonicfanthomas Transformation Tales The Complete Series :iconpokesonicfanthomas:pokesonicfanthomas 2 1


teacher (colour edit) [Koro-Sensei TF] by Jasper-Rolls teacher (colour edit) [Koro-Sensei TF] :iconjasper-rolls:Jasper-Rolls 17 0
Reform Chapter 3: A Welcome Change? Papyrus TF
A few more weeks had passed since 'Sans' became part of the barren Underground. There were now four people living here: Sans, Toriel, Alphys, and the human, Frisk. Frisk had yet to tell any of the new monsters why he was changing people into these odd forms and forcing them to act in very specific ways.
Still Toriel tried to be a good mother to Frisk, despite his commanding her to do so. The boy inside her body silently cursed each moment.
The girl who became Sans kept looking for answers, only to constantly get in trouble. Frisk refused to answer and attacked Sans with his shadow after he persisted. That lead to many fights, which Sans always lost. He was getting bitter and colder towards everyone each day. Not even Toriel, the one Sans was made for, could comfort him.
This made Frisk mad.
He decided that Sans needed something more to make him happy, then in turn make Toriel happy, and ultimately make Frisk happy.
Frisk commanded Alphys to make a new monster. He was about to set out w
:iconneonsparkmagic:neonsparkmagic 8 6
Yo-Kai Watch by Panoodles Yo-Kai Watch :iconpanoodles:Panoodles 109 15
Ninja of the Pond (Greninja TF)
I wiped sweat off my forehead as I walked down the forest trail. I'm Kevin and I'm 17 years old. Today was one of the hottest days of the year. It was 35○ for crying out loud! And the humidity doesn't help making it feel like it's 40○.... seriously the only reason I wasn't melting right now is because I'm in the shade cast by the trees above. I was going down to the pond that was in the forest because, let's face it, the public pool... would be WAAAAY too crowded. The pond was in view now. I knew when I got there I had to put on sunscreen and get in the water fast since there was no shade around the pond. It took about 10 minutes to get to the pond, I braced myself for the heat when I noticed something sitting in the pond nearby. What is that? Not even caring about the heat for the moment I went over to the object to find... ice cream? What!? The sign above it said 'free ice cream' so whoever left
:iconpuppelove:Puppelove 20 7
Shocking Experience (Pikachu TF)
I was walking home through a storm. I know, pretty stupid but I didn't have a choice. My shift at work had ended and I couldn't just stay there. Even though my home is in walking distance it felt like it took hours to get anywhere. I just grumbled in annoyance. It was the only thing I could do. I'm Joel and I'm 25 years old. I work at an office buildings that's normally only a 20 minute walk from my house but because of this storm it'll probably take an hour or two. I was almost home, my street was on view so I decided to speed up. I reached my road and turned down it. I was almost home when a car turned down the road and swerved all over the place. I came flying at me and barely missed me, crashing into the telephone pole near me. I stared at the car in shock for a moment then ran forward.
:iconpuppelove:Puppelove 18 5
Fallen by ScotchHideyoshi Fallen :iconscotchhideyoshi:ScotchHideyoshi 76 27
Wave: Epidemic (1)

Part 1: The Pokémon
Chapter 1: Wall Us Away

You know, Drew.
You're a little pain sometimes.
I love you to death though, and I want you to get back on your feet. I want you to wake up. I know you can do that for me, Drew. I saw you open your eyes.
I want you to take advantage of what's been given to you. You're no longer human. You're something so different. Use that. I promise it'll help.
Most importantly, I want you to fight back. Maybe you can't do it alone. That's okay. There will be friends along the way.
Don't let that bad person hurt you anymore, Drew. You have to fight him. Fight your way to the top. That should be nothing new to you. It's going to be a lot like that game you play!
We'll see each other again someday. Edge, I love you.

Sitting with my legs crossed, I pressed my palms into my knees, pushing them into the dusty cement. My back was hunched, eyes fixed
:iconc-mnesia:C-Mnesia 14 7


:iconschnabbsandshiva: :iconiceicebecky: :iconzowen2001: :iconcrazynaut: :icondragonball4evermore:



"Once you go suicide, you can't go back"
My friend at school today said this to me
Hello, I'm back. I've a bit of a writing motivation now, so I'm writing some new TFT chapters for the new Season 2 (Yeah, that's a thing now). Though I will need a couple of TF ideas so if you guys could help me out and leave some suggestions in the comments, I would really appreciate it
So I think I'm going to hold off on the 100 Watchers story until I actually get 100 watchers again. It should give me more time to think about it and plan it. I should start regular (once or twice a week) uploads either today or tommorow.


pokesonicfanthomas has started a donation pool!
80 / 1,400
I wanna try out CORE but I don't have the money. Would highly appreciate it if you would donate some points. You don't have to but I would really like it if you did

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So am I a cool kid yet?

Alright, so I have 100 Watchers now and oh boy am I proud. Despite my recent activity being...less than expected (I really need to stop procrastinating), I'm still surprised I finally managed to make it to this milestone, and in under a year! So first I kind of want to talk about the circumstances that lead up to me making this account.

2016 was a hellhole for me. Not because of the reasons everyone uses for why 2016 was bad, just because of my own problems. Around the time I made this account, I was having some problems. I was getting ready to graduate Middle School and my parents and teachers were putting a lot of pressure on me, so I was extremely stressed. I also slacked off a lot and rarely did any homework, so my grades (especially math) began to suffer. To be honest, I also was probably a little depressed at that time. My only escapes from the hellhole that was my life were video games and writing. One game that had a lot of my attention at the time, was Undertale. I don't know what it was, but for some reason that game just made me feel better about my life. I could relate with some characters and I loved the story, so I did what I do best and spent every waking moment obsessing over it.  

Around April of last year, I really began to slack off, and my grades began to suffer. It got to the point where every time I missed a homework assignment, I was grounded for one week. Because of this, I began to get back into doing my work, but then I slipped up and missed two assignments, and was then grounded for two weeks from my phone. I still had access to my computer, but I was still limited. About 2 or so days into being grounded, I was sitting in the computer lab doing a practice test to prepare us for exams, when I got the idea to start writing again. I decided to use the Undertale TF idea I had from when I was on a trip to the outer banks (you can learn more about that in the UUTFS Complete Saga I have up). For some weird reason, I also decided to just make a new account for this, ditching my old one (I usually state my reasons as "wanting a fresh new start" but I think I just wanted a name that wasn't sonicfanthomas). So using all my new free time, I wrote the entire first arc of UUTFS in about a week or so. I then made the new account, uploaded the first chapter, and the rest was history.

Now I would go into detail about the complete history of this account (going over TFT and other ideas and stuff), but then this would be unnecessarily long (I can save that stuff for the one year anniversary coming up in May). I think I'll cut the history off here and get to what I promised at around 50 watchers.

And here it is, the moment you have probably (not) been waiting for, MY FACE REVEAL!!!

Can I get a drum-roll *insert drum-roll*

Face Reveal by pokesonicfanthomas

Yeah, I know, I look like shit, I can't help it.

Before we wrap this up, there are some people I would like to thank.

People I Would Like to Thank

:iconcrazynaut: for being a huge inspiration to my writing and for being a very nice and cool person. He also introduced me to the god known as SiivaGunner so I am forever in his dept.

:icondragonball4evermore: for being a really cool friends on this account and my old one

:iconneonsparkmagic: for being someone who has been supporting my stories from the beginning (also for being a cool guy)

:iconzowen2001: because if I didn't put him here he'd probably kill me

There are also some people who I would like to thank, even though they don't have DeviantArt

My friends Isiah and Thomas (yes I know a guy who shares my name) for being the basis of the characters of Isiah and Alex in TFT.

My friend Colin for being an extremely nice guy

And my entire family for being really supportive of my dreams (even if they aren't aware of my DA account)

And thus, this celebration comes to a close. I'd like to thank everyone for watching me and getting me this far, and like always, I'll see you guys next time!

Also I want to write a 100 Watcher Special Story but I can't think of anything, so if you have ideas please leave them in the comments. 
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Hi, I'm Thomas. I like to write TF stories about things I like and stuff. I also have a youtube channel where I upload various gaming videoes. You can find it here:…

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Remember back when I was talking about how I felt like I was in the Undertale TF story?

Well the thing was is that I was really attached to Undertale and this story spoke out to me. Not that I was crazy or anything. Look your writing really spoke out to me and taught me a few things. THAT'S how good your TFs are.

I'm sorry that you had to hear about the factor that I thought I was 'Trapped.' and I had the little dreams that I was strapped to the chair.

I think I was just attached too much.

But still

Thank you.
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