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Regular Story
This is pretty much going to be the size of my requests, except probably with more effort. If you want the best out of this I recommend giving me a trigger for the TF ahead of time so I don't have deal with making stuff up from the top of my head. Think of this option as a 'fast pass' for requests.
Short Story
These are pretty much the length of a story you would probably see in my Triple Requests stories and early requests, except probably a little longer. This is for people who just want to read the TF and not have to deal with story.

Newest Deviations

Transformation Tales Endgame: Prologue
WARNING: This story is a continuation of all three of my major series, UUTFS, Transformation Tales, and my Sonic Stories, while I do my best to explain the plots of those here, I still recommend reading all of them to understand the full picture, anyways, lets get on with the show!
“WHAT THE HELL THAT’S BULLSHIT” Alex said, momentarily losing his cool as the Sunsteel Strike from my Dusk Mane Necrozma shot straight through the Sturdy Shedinja he had been setting up throughout the entire fight.
“Heh, Sunsteel Strike blasts through all abilities, even if you stuck with Wonder Guard, I still would’ve taken care of it” I said, grinning as Alex’s plan completely fell apart.
“This is why I don’t let you use legendaries when we fight, it’s basically cheating” Alex said, trying his best to recover from that massive blow
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Open Your Heart: Chaos Zero TF/MC
WARNING: If you haven't gotten the memo already, then this a sequel to the last story, so go read that please

Ugh, my head” I said, as I slowly returned to the world of consciousness.
My head was pounding, and my vision was blurry. I had no idea what was happening, or where I even was. I sat for a minute, trying to recollect what happened.
I remembered going to Ben’s house, and hanging out. I remember him going downstairs to get us some lunch. I remember hearing some strange noises, and then going to investigate. Then…
Suddenly, everything hit me at once. I immediately remembered the giant ring in Ben’s kitchen, me jumping in after him, my painful transformation, Ben becoming some kind of robot, all of it hit me at once. I felt light headed and fell off of whatever I had been laying on.
“Whoa, you ok there” An unfamiliar voice said.
I looked up, as my vision began to clear up, only to be met with some kind of anthropomorphic fox
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Wonder World: Zavok TF/MC
WARNING: Hey, did you know this is a sequel to my last Sonic story, you should probably read that, or not, I don't care if you get confused or not

“You know, maybe I should’ve had Tails tell you about the giant robots attacking everything before you got here” Sonic said, as we ran through the destroyed Mystic Ruins, running towards the Death Egg Robots off in the distance.
“How can you even forget about giant killer robots” I said, extremely annoyed.
“I don’t know, I just got distracted by everything that happened after you arrived” Sonic replied.
“Ugh, let’s just get going and stop those robots” I said, speeding up.
“You got it buddy” Sonic replied, speeding ahead of me.
I looked around at the destroyed Mystic Ruins as I ran alongside Sonic. Everything was destroyed, trees were on fire, and giant boulders kept blocking our path. We eventually made it to where the Death Egg Robots were, and we came to
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Fist Bump: Avatar TF
WARNING: something something sequel to my previous Sonic stories, read those to understand

“This mission could be potentially dangerous, you two ready for this” Tails’ voice said over a loudspeaker.
“Of course we are, right dude” I said, looking over at Sonic, who was standing right next to me.
Sonic gave me a confident thumbs up, and began stretching. I began to charge up energy, ready to take off with Sonic.
“Alright, remember there are Death Egg Robots everywhere, and they’re all as powerful as the original” Tails said, sounding a bit worried.
“Don’t worry, I’m much stronger than I was back then” Sonic replied.
“Yeah, I think we got this” I said, letting out a nervous laugh.
“Alright, I’m opening the hatch” Tails said, a door opening in front of us, filling the room with light.
“You ready Ben” I heard Sonic say.
“As ready as I’ll ever be” I repl
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Egg Reverie: Heavy King TF/MC
WARNING: This is a sequel to my previous two stories, What I'm Made Of and Fun is Infinite, check those out to understand the full picture
WARNING 2: Some things in this story are based off of speculation and Pre-Release information for Sonic Forces, since the game isn't out yet, some things could be considered OOC (out of character) or just plain wrong
"I am Infinite" The weird black creature said to Sonic and I.
"Oh no" I quietly said. "Dude, what's wrong" Sonic said, looking at me. "We need to get out, now" I said, getting up off the ground. Sonic looked like he was about to protest, but the tone of my voice must've convinced him otherwise. "Alright" He said, looking over at Infinite.
"I'll deal with you some other time" Sonic said, pointing at Infinite.
"Now why would you want to leave, the party has just started" Infinite said, creating a wall of red blocks to block our only way out. "Great, we're trapped" Sonic said, looking very annoyed. I started scanning around t
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Fun is Infinite: Infinite TF/MC
WARNING: This is a sequel to my previous story: What I'm Made Of, go check that out to understand the full picture. 
WARNING 2: Many things here are based off of pre-release info and some speculation based on Infinite. By the time Sonic Forces comes out, many things here could be considered either OOT (out of character) or just plain wrong.
WARNING 3 (So many warnings wtf): Some minor Sonic Mania spoilers, mostly just stuff related to the true ending

Log Entry #001 
So uh, Tails asked me to start keeping some kind of log, mostly just so he could figure out what it's like for a living person to be a robot. Well, to go ahead and get that stuff out of the way, it's really weird. Like, it feels weird to not be able to breathe, or just not being able do other basic things like eat and sleep. I do technically sleep, but it's basically just Tails shutting me down for the night. Unlike sleep, from my perspective, shutting down at night, an
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What I'm Made Of: Metal Sonic TF
Try to reach inside of me, try to drain my energy,
Let me show you just what I'm made of
Simple Curiosity, try to take a bite of me,
Let me show you just what I'm made of
I silently sang along to Crush 40's godlike vocals, as I made my way through the final boss of Sonic Heroes, the last remaining 3D Sonic I had to beat.
You see, I'm currently on a Sonic the Hedgehog binge. Ever since Sonic Mania reignited my love for the franchise, I've made my mission to beat as many Sonic games as I could. I quickly blazed my way through most of the 2D games thanks to the amazing IOS remakes, and slowly made my through the 3D games, I even forced my self through '06 and Boom. Sonic Heroes was left for last, as it was the only 3D Sonic game I didn't own (certainly didn't help that SEGA never re-released the game, unlike Adventure 1 and 2). It took me awhile to even track down the game, since the price for it online is well out of the limits of a 15 year old high school stu
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A Job Opening: Bowser TF
Request for :iconmaurili:
I stared at the ad in the newspaper, baffled at how out of place it looked. First off, there were absolutely no pictures on the ad itself, just black text in a white square, which made it stand out from all the other ads on the page. Then, there was absolutely no description of the job itself, just the text and an address, making me suspicious. However, I was a teenager in need of money, and it did say that no special talents were needed, and I was getting pretty desperate for money. Despite my better judgement, I decided to go the address, if only to see if it was actually real. 
A couple hours later, I arrived at the address, and much like I expected, it was just an abandoned building. "Well this was a waste of time" I said, turning around to walk home. Just as I was leaving however, a man stepped out of the building, catching me off guard. 
"You here for the job" He said in
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An Insane Challenge: Marx Soul TF/MC
Request for :iconVGDCMario:
"God dammit, I was so close that time" I said, almost throwing my DS across the room in frustration.
I was currently attempting The True Arena in Kirby Super Star Ultra, the ultimate challenge in any Kirby game. Despite the games themselves being extremely easy, the True Arena is surprisingly hard. Anyways, I had been attempting The True Arena in my quest to beat every mainline Kirby game 100%. This round was probably the closest I had been to beating it. I had made to the final opponent, Marx Soul, and was pretty good at dodging most attacks, but I was always at such low health from the previous fight, that I just haven't been able to dodge enough hits to survive.
I looked over at clock and noticed that it was getting late. "I'll go for one more attempt, then I'll go to sleep" I said. I started The True Arena back up, chose my ability (Hammer), and began my final attempt for the day. I breezed through the first five fights, with the only one giving me any t
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A Cure for Boredom: Ninetales TF/TG
Request for :iconAwestriker007:
It was a dark and stormy night.
Yes, I know that's a cliche way to start a story, but I can't control what the weather is when my life literally changed. Ahem, anyways, it was a dark and stormy night and I was laying in my bed with absolutely nothing to do. Life had been pretty boring for awhile, and since my parents were out for the night, I also had no one to talk to. I could play some video games, but I feel like I've played all of them to death, I could watch TV, but nothing good is ever on, I could watch Youtube, but I can never find something to watch. Basically, I was bored, and we all know, being bored is the worst fate a teenager can ever suffer, ever. However, I was also aware that complaining about being bored, can also lead to something completely bad and unexpected happening, so I just shut up and deal with it.
But today, for whatever reason, was just more boring than ever before in my life. I was so bored, I actually considered counting all
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It's Raining Somewhere Else (Reprise): Sans TF/MC
Unnamed Undertale TF Saga Reboot
Chapter 2: It's Raining Somewhere Else (Reprise)

This is only the beginning
I read that same sentence over and over in my mind, just trying to figure out what the hell just happened. Not even five minutes ago, I was getting out of the shower and joking with Reid, and now here I am, just witnessing my friend basically die, and reading this note. My mind was all over the place, and I kept seeing images of that weird dream I had at the Wendy’s. What the hell did that even mean? Almost nothing made sense!
“This is only the beginning? What kind of horror movie bullshit is that” A voice said from behind me.
I practically jumped three feet into the air, and turned around, dropping the note. It was only Reid, who had been peaking over my shoulder. “What the hell dude, don’t sneak up on me like that” I said, getting up off the ground. “Heh, sorry, didn’t mean to spook ya like that” Reid said.
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Staff in the Storm: Towa TF/TG
Request for :iconDragonball4evermore:
I awoke to the sound of loud thunder in the middle of the night.
"Looks like that storm is still going on" I said to myself. I tried going back to bed, but all the thunder and lighting outside was making it harder. Eventually, I decided to wait the storm out, and turned on the lamp next to my bed. I looked at the clock next to my bed. The time read 1:45. "Man, at this rate, I won't get any sleep at all" I said, sighing. I got out of bed and walked downstairs. I laid down on the couch and turned the TV to see the weather. The forecaster said that the rain was expected to continue throughout the night with no signs of stopping. I groaned and started flipping through the channels. 
A couple minutes later, I had found a good channel to keep as background noise and began to doze off, but then, a bright light filled the room and everything went dark. "Shit, a blackout" I said, standing up. I waited for a few
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Fallen Down (Reprise): Toriel TF/TG/MC
Unnamed Undertale TF Saga Reboot
Chapter 1: Fallen Down (Reprise)

Everything around me was disappearing.
I had no idea what was going on, or where I was for that matter, but it obvious that the entire word was disappearing. My thoughts were in a complete panic, and I had a massive headache, leaving me extremely confused. I watched as the fields around me disintegrate into darkness, like the entire world was ending.
Soon, it reached me, and I was sent into complete darkness.
“Hey! Earth to Thomas! You in there!”
My mind returned to world of consciousness, and I noticed I was sitting at a table in a restaurant. “Dude, you fine?” A red-haired kid, who was sitting across from me, said. “Yeah, just blanked out for a sec, just give me a moment” I said, standing up and stretching. I needed to clear my mind and catch my bearings after what I just saw.
I started with the basic information. My name is Thomas. I’m 15 and going into t
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The Con Artist: Delphox TF/TG/MC
Commission for :icondeathbustereudial103:
WARNING: This is a sequel to this persons previous commission, I recommend you check that one out before this one: Deep Cover: Nidoqueen TF/TG/MC
"Ugh, where is that idiot Jake" Amanda said pacing around her room. Her brother Jake was a cop, and just a few days ago he told her that he had a really important case he had to solve with his partner, a Hypno, and just left. He hasn't come back since. Amanda talked to the police department about it, but they said that everything was just fine. "Ugh, he's been gone for 4 days and all they think that he's fine, something has obviously happened to him, and if they won't go find him, I will" Amanda said, grabbing her stuff. 
Amanda wondered around the streets hoping to find a place she could start looking for her brother at. She decided to start at museum where he
:iconpokesonicfanthomas:pokesonicfanthomas 12 1
Mysterious Sweets: Fat Majin Buu TF
Commission for :iconMorganLing:
"Ugh, I'm SO hungry" I said, walking down the street. 
My stomach would not stop growling, and I needed to get to food fast. I had only eaten just a few hours ago, but my stomach was roaring. You know you're getting hungry when the sidewalk starts to look yummy. I looked around the semi-crowed streets trying to find a good place to satisfy my hunger. I soon found myself looking at a candy shop. I don't remember ever seeing this place around, but then again, it's not like I pay attention to what buildings are where.
I walked inside and was immediately hit the scent of candy, making my stomach growl even more. I needed to pick something that could last me until I at least got home, then I could snack there. I then came across a container of pink bubble gum in the back. Bubble Gum definitely would definitely not satisfy my hunger, but maybe it could at least distract me until I got home. I took piece out of the container and left. 
Right when I wa
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The New Queen: Salazzle TF/TG/MC
Commission for :icongoldsnakes:
"Damnit, I didn't lose any of it" I said, looking at the scale.
I was chubby, that's all I really need to say. I've been trying to lose some weight for awhile now, but it doesn't seem to work. It doesn't help that Alola region is perfect for beach bodies. When the professor of the region has a tan and six-pack, you know you're doing something wrong. I've been trying to work losing this weight I have, but it just doesn't want to disappear. I sighed as I sat back down on my bed, excepting my fate. If only there was a way for me to magically lose all this weight, then I would be happy. Then it struck me, quite literally. A book had fallen out of my bookcase and onto my foot. I picked it up and read the title. Legends of Alola. I began to read through it, out of curiosity. It was mostly filled with legends about the legendary Pokemon of Alola, Solgaleo and Lunala, but I found an interesting section on the Tapu's. It was said that the Tapu's could gran
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Idol Power (89) Knowing What It's Like (Request)
I looked at my dad’s eyes in the rear view mirror, he glanced at me and he was not happy. It was understandable I continuously got in fights, I guess I was a little hot under the collar, when anyone starts messing with me I go off on them. So my parents were called and had a chat with the principle, needless to say this whole car ride has been uncomfortable.
We got home and my dad went to my room. “Dad” I yelled running after him. He was unplugging all my game systems and my television. “What are you doing!?”
“I’m taking this stuff away, you’re grounded.” He stated firmly, I knew he wasn’t going to budge but I had to try.
“That’s not fair, I never start the fights, the other kids do!” I yelled.
“I don’t care who starts it! Do you understand how lucky you are that the principle hasn’t expelled you! Five fights! Five in the past month! So I’m taking this stuff for the next five months!
:iconinshanemorph:inshanemorph 4 4
Idol Power (42) A Little Dip (Request)
Today was a great day, nice and sunny, and warm, it sucked that school was back in session. So after school I decided to ride my bike down to the local lake, so I could go swimming in it. My parents didn’t like that I would sometimes go and swim in the lake, they said it was dangerous, but we don’t have a pool and we don’t even have a public pool so I go swim in the lake, everyone does it, it’s not a big deal. Besides I was so bored since Thomas has been sick from school the entire week, maybe I should go check on him after this.
I got to the lake and immediately took off my shirt and pants; I planned on coming here so I wore my swim trunks underneath. I took off my socks and shoes, and ran to the lake; I jumped up and into the lake with a cannonball. The water was cool and refreshing it was just so perfect, I made sure not to stray too far, since I didn’t want anyone to steal my bike, but I would float and just look at the clouds.
After an hour I decided
:iconinshanemorph:inshanemorph 5 8
Idol Power (27) A Bump In The Night (Request)
I was sleeping I’m sure the night was nice and calm the air cooler than average. But then I was awoken by a loud crashing noise in my backyard, it sounded like a bunch of the trashcans were being messed with. At first it seemed innocent enough but then it got louder and louder, I even heard everyone else in the house wake up.
I got out of bed, just in time for my dad to blind me when he turned on the lights. He looked at me and then back at my mom who was exiting their room. “You two heard that right?” he asked me and my mom.
“Yeah.” I said but then I heard the noise stop.
My little sister then walked out of her room, rubbing her eyes “What’s with all the noise?” she asked still half asleep.
“I think it was the trash cans.” I said, that’s what it sounded like to me anyway.
“It’s probably a raccoon getting into the trash.” My dad said not sounding pleased, probably not wanting to clean up the garbage lef
:iconinshanemorph:inshanemorph 5 2
Her Darkest Moment (Zoroark TF)
    "Hey, want to go see a movie later?  I hear the new Spinarak-man is pretty good."  Allyson asked her friend.
    Jack shook his head.  "Nah, there's a debate later tonight and I don't want to miss it.  Besides, those super hero movies are always pushing their political agenda.  I'm boycotting the entire studio as protest."
    "We don't even live in Sinnoh, Jack."
    "So?  It's out duty as citizens to stay up to date on everything that's happening in the world, whether it's our country or not."
    "Oh, well alright then.  Have fun..I guess."
    "Thanks!  You too!"  And they went their separate ways.
    The debate that Jack was referring to was the Sinnoh Presidential Debate.  The many candidates who would be running for leadership over the region were going to argue about relevant topics on TV for a few hours while the entire nation cheered them on.
:iconflare-on:Flare-On 11 7
A Gamer's Dream...Kinda TG (Fire Emblem Echoes TF)
It was a beautiful summer day in the middle of July. The sun blazing making the environment perfect for children, teenagers, and adults alike to do whatever they want in the great outdoors. The joyful voices of people walking about while chatting and playing Pokémon Go fill the air.
“Stop breaking the law asshole!”
…Ahem…As I was saying. A great day to be–
“Get the fuck down from there!”
…Where was I? Ah yes. A–
“I’m gonna rape you!”
You know what? Fuck this. This story can tell itself without a narrator like–
“Run bitch! Run!”
I’m out of here.
“Come on Kevin. Can we please watch something else? I feel like I’ve lost almost all of my brain cells from watching this stuff for two hours.” The exhausted voice came from a male teenager lying on the couch with his head tilted in a way that would make someone think it would fall off from not being screwed on tight enough.
I l
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teacher (colour edit) [Koro-Sensei TF] by Jasper-Rolls teacher (colour edit) [Koro-Sensei TF] :iconjasper-rolls:Jasper-Rolls 21 1
Reform Chapter 3: A Welcome Change? Papyrus TF
A few more weeks had passed since 'Sans' became part of the barren Underground. There were now four people living here: Sans, Toriel, Alphys, and the human, Frisk. Frisk had yet to tell any of the new monsters why he was changing people into these odd forms and forcing them to act in very specific ways.
Still Toriel tried to be a good mother to Frisk, despite his commanding her to do so. The boy inside her body silently cursed each moment.
The girl who became Sans kept looking for answers, only to constantly get in trouble. Frisk refused to answer and attacked Sans with his shadow after he persisted. That lead to many fights, which Sans always lost. He was getting bitter and colder towards everyone each day. Not even Toriel, the one Sans was made for, could comfort him.
This made Frisk mad.
He decided that Sans needed something more to make him happy, then in turn make Toriel happy, and ultimately make Frisk happy.
Frisk commanded Alphys to make a new monster. He was about to set out w
:iconneonsparkmagic:neonsparkmagic 8 6
Yo-Kai Watch by Panoodles Yo-Kai Watch :iconpanoodles:Panoodles 164 19
Ninja of the Pond (Greninja TF)
I wiped sweat off my forehead as I walked down the forest trail. I'm Kevin and I'm 17 years old. Today was one of the hottest days of the year. It was 35○ for crying out loud! And the humidity doesn't help making it feel like it's 40○.... seriously the only reason I wasn't melting right now is because I'm in the shade cast by the trees above. I was going down to the pond that was in the forest because, let's face it, the public pool... would be WAAAAY too crowded. The pond was in view now. I knew when I got there I had to put on sunscreen and get in the water fast since there was no shade around the pond. It took about 10 minutes to get to the pond, I braced myself for the heat when I noticed something sitting in the pond nearby. What is that? Not even caring about the heat for the moment I went over to the object to find... ice cream? What!? The sign above it said 'free ice cream' so whoever left
:iconpuppelove:Puppelove 23 7
Shocking Experience (Pikachu TF)
I was walking home through a storm. I know, pretty stupid but I didn't have a choice. My shift at work had ended and I couldn't just stay there. Even though my home is in walking distance it felt like it took hours to get anywhere. I just grumbled in annoyance. It was the only thing I could do. I'm Joel and I'm 25 years old. I work at an office buildings that's normally only a 20 minute walk from my house but because of this storm it'll probably take an hour or two. I was almost home, my street was on view so I decided to speed up. I reached my road and turned down it. I was almost home when a car turned down the road and swerved all over the place. I came flying at me and barely missed me, crashing into the telephone pole near me. I stared at the car in shock for a moment then ran forward.
:iconpuppelove:Puppelove 24 6
Fallen by ScotchHideyoshi Fallen :iconscotchhideyoshi:ScotchHideyoshi 86 27
Wave: Epidemic (1)

Part 1: The Pokémon
Chapter 1: Wall Us Away

You know, Drew.
You're a little pain sometimes.
I love you to death though, and I want you to get back on your feet. I want you to wake up. I know you can do that for me, Drew. I saw you open your eyes.
I want you to take advantage of what's been given to you. You're no longer human. You're something so different. Use that. I promise it'll help.
Most importantly, I want you to fight back. Maybe you can't do it alone. That's okay. There will be friends along the way.
Don't let that bad person hurt you anymore, Drew. You have to fight him. Fight your way to the top. That should be nothing new to you. It's going to be a lot like that game you play!
We'll see each other again someday. Edge, I love you.

Sitting with my legs crossed, I pressed my palms into my knees, pushing them into the dusty cement. My back was hunched, eyes fixed
:iconc-mnesia:C-Mnesia 18 8


:iconzowen2001: :iconcrazynaut: :icondragonball4evermore:



Ummmmmmm Kirby Star Allies is looking good but uhhhhhhhhhhhh

where the fuck is my man Bandanna Dee
I love how Nintendo is trolling everyone with the direct
I'm disappointed in Danganronpa's V3 PC port. I didn't expect it to run perfectly, but goddamn the Keyboard and Mouse support is actual ass. It didn't read some of my imput, requiring up to 6 CLICKS to get through one line of dialouge, and the fact that it displays the wrong controls at times. Also the movie desyncronization is actually so distracting it ruins some cutscenes(with the footage on screen being about 15 seconds behind the audio despite being played at what looks like regular speed). Thank god I decided to get a refund, I can't even imagine what the class trials would've been like

Sorry bout the rant just needed to get that off my chest
I now own all three danganronpa games and I haven’t even finished 2 yet

You guys aren’t gonna see me for awhile

Happy New Years everyone! Here’s to a great (and hopefully active) 2018!


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I wanna try out CORE but I don't have the money. Would highly appreciate it if you would donate some points. You don't have to but I would really like it if you did

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Oh hey, I exist.

Yeah, I just uploaded the prologue to my new TFT continuation, and its a big one. The Prologue alone is like 3.3k words (Then again it has seven different perspectives in it), so expect some long ass chapters. However, as a compromise, I will be allowing you guys to decide all five TF's in it. That's right! I'm technically opening requests again. This time however, I have a format I want these requests to be in to keep it more organized. The format is below, any requests that don't follow it are immediately rejected. Also standard rules apply here.


Transformation: (I'll be a bit picky here, just because of how this story will work out)
Necessary Side Effects: (Fine with most, just don't do anything too kinky)
Trigger: (Since the universe is basically falling apart, I'll allow most triggers, just make sure it's appropriate to the setting)
Something to Prove you Read the Prologue: (This is REQUIRED!! Because of how Story based this will be, I need something that proves you read the entire prologue. Just favoriting it does not count, as that doesn't really prove much)

Alright you guys, get requesting!

Prologue can be found here:  Transformation Tales Endgame: ProlougeWARNING: This story is a continuation of all three of my major series, UUTFS, Transformation Tales, and my Sonic Stories, while I do my best to explain the plots of those here, I still recommend reading all of them to understand the full picture, anyways, lets get on with the show!
“WHAT THE HELL THAT’S BULLSHIT” Alex said, momentarily losing his cool as the Sunsteel Strike from my Dusk Mane Necrozma shot straight through the Sturdy Shedinja he had been setting up throughout the entire fight.
“Heh, Sunsteel Strike blasts through all abilities, even if you stuck with Wonder Guard, I still would’ve taken care of it” I said, grinning as Alex’s plan completely fell apart.
“This is why I don’t let you use legendaries when we fight, it’s basically cheating” Alex said, trying his best to recover from that massive blow

Edit: Because I was lazy I forgot to link the two most important Journals for this

Request Rules:   Request RulesSo I'm usually a pretty flexible guy, but even I have my limits. So I'm creating some request rules that you guys need to follow when requesting me
1. Must be TF related (obviously)
2. No Mature Content
3. If it's from a series I know little to nothing about then I cant accept the request (I'd give you a list of games/shows I know about but we would be here for awhile)
4. No TFing (is that even a word I can use) into OC's, anthros, or pure TF or TG (as in human to human that isn't an already established game or show character)EDIT (6/20/16): If my wording confuses you, it's pretty much the way :iconCrazyNaut: does it)
5. (NEW RULE AS OF 8/30/16) If I have accepted the request but cannot think of any ideas I may get rid of the request so I do recommend you give a general idea of what you want just in case I can't think of any ideas
So yeah, just follow these simple rules and we're cool with request. Also for rule 3 you can ask me if I know about a certain thing before you requ

Games/Shows I like for Requests/Commissions:  Games/Shows I Like (For Requests/Commissions)Here is a (mostly) complete list of games/shows I like, for use  when requesting or commissioning me. If there are certain limits to a series I have (for example: not knowing a game in that series well enough for a TF) I'll put it next to the name. I'll also update this list whenever I discover a new game I like.
Pokemon (Games and Anime)Sonic (Games only)Kirby (Games and Anime)Mario (Everything but the RPGs)Zelda (I'm a little picky with what I'll do since I'm not familiar with some of the more recent games)Fire Emblem (Basically any game released in the states except for Sacred Stones, Shadow Dragon, Radiant Dawn, and New Mystery)Yo Kai Watch (Games and Anime, I'd prefer it if you kept it relating to the stuff that's been localized, but I have limited knowledge of the Japan exclusive stuff)
Persona (3 and 4 only, haven't played 5)Shin Megami Tensei (IV Apocalypse and Devil Survivor only, I might be a bit picky with what I'll accept)Dragon Ball (Original, Z, GT, and Super up to t
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Hey, I'm Thomas. I like to write dumb TF stories about games/shows I like. I also take requests (when they're open) and commissions.

I often take breaks from writing so never trust me to have a consistent schedule

Request Rules: pokesonicfanthomas.deviantart.…

Games/Shows I Like (For Requests/Commissions): pokesonicfanthomas.deviantart.…

:iconawestriker007: Camilla TF/TG
:iconmaurili: Zora TF
:iconvgdcmario: Meta Knight TF/MC
:iconbrandonkong: Fang the Sniper TF/AR/MC

Commission List
:icondeathbustereudial103: Venasaur TF/TG/AP/MC
:iconmorganling: Roughraff TF


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